Promotional Clothing

Custom Embroidery for Promotional Clothing

Branding corporate, casual, work and uniform garments with quality custom embroidered logos and good impressions.

Star Creations can produce the perfect custom embroidery fit for businesses of all sizes in Newfoundland. We are ready to help you find the right embroidered shirt, hat or promotional accessory to help you grow your brand, logo and promotion. With computerized embroidery machines, we are able to embroider your logo to the highest standard on a huge range of quality products.

Embroidery is a traditional method of decoration on fabric material that provides an elegant presentation of your corporate message. Your logo is digitized* and then stitched directly onto the product.

We use quality thread, which is tougher, shiner and more durable.  Our dedicated staff monitor every piece as it is embroidered and thread trimmed. We want every garment from our shop to make us proud and more importantly, you to look good!

*Digitizing a logo refers to a professional process in which your logo is converted into a computerized embroidery format. Once converted our embroidery machines will be able to sew your logo onto hats, jackets t-shirts, bags etc. ensuring each and every item is identical in quality and appearance.

What format should my logo be in for digitizing?

We require your logo in any one of the following file types.

  • .ai for Adobe Illustrator 
  • .cdr for Corel Draw
  • .pdf for Adobe PDF documents
  • esp for Encapsulated PostScript
  • jpg for jpeg picture files
  • .psd for Adobe Photoshop files
  • .bmp for Bitmap

We are able to get the best image results in the shortest amount of time from these file types.

How much does it cost?

Logo digitizing ranges in price from Canadian $20.00 – $150.00 as a one time fee, using a left chest sized logo as an example. We also provide a free editing services on a variety of fabric adjustments.

The complexity of your logo design will effect what we call the stitch count of your logo. The stitch count can vary from $1.00 – $20.00/1000 stitches.  Our prices are very reasonable and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Appliqué and Transfer Services

Branding Processes for all fabrics that can give your promotional wear an added appeal

Looking for a unique touch or a small run? Applique could be the solution to putting your business image out front.

Appliqué and transfer processes can produce diverse results. Using a heat seal press it’s an effective method for a fast turn around and is inexpensive. On the other hand if you are looking for superior quality garments to set you apart from others, then embroidery flocking will put your branding in another class.

Appliqué methods in the promotional and uniform branding industry is a popular choice for large logos and graphics to be applied to garments and material products. It is also great for printing industrial workwear and sportswear, or for specialty one off t-shirt designs.

Appliqué refers to the technique of attaching smaller pieces of fabric or vinyl (transfer) cut-out designs to larger items with contrasting colour or texture.

We also provide In-house Heat & Seal services. We use two types of Heat & Seal - DTF (direct-to-film printer allows you to print a design on a film and transfer it easily on cotton, polyester, synthetic, or silk without any trouble) and Logo/Picture Sealing (usually for t-shirts, uniforms, etc.). Heat & seal has no minimum required and no set up charge.

In the promotional industry it can be embroidered or heat-sealed (sometimes both) on to almost any fabric product. Artwork is cut using computer aided design technology following vector paths. Design is almost only limited to your ideas, and the cutting process is controlled by computer to ensure that the print looks exactly as it does on screen.

The combination of these techniques help to create something distinct and special in apparel so that logo wear is attractive, stylish, and affordable.