Clear Polyester Film (PET)

Clear Polyester Film (PET)

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Rite-Media Clear Polyester Film (PET) is a general purpose product that has excellent mechanical properties, dielectric strength, heat resistance, dimensional stability as well as low water absorption, good resistance to most chemicals. Recent uses for making face shields, screen separators and dividers amongst other uses.

•  Dimensional stability, lays flat, chemical resistant, consistent color, good clarity, non-yellowing, non-tearing, heat resistant to 230 degrees C, electrical resistance.
•  Optical Clear Mylar Film. 
•  Type RM-CPF is a Clear Film with special finishes.
•  Gauge: .007", (7mil.)
•  Available Treatments: Anti-Stat coating
•  Can be used for making low-cost inexpensive DISPOSABLE Face Safety Masks for protection from droplets, saliva, splashing, chemicals, oil etc.) especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Customers are making either 3D printed and/or Laser or Die Cut PPE Face Shields against COVID19 and need PET plastics film for the front piece shield.

Features and Uses.
Clear Optical Face Shields
Clear Optical Splash Screens
Hanging See Thru Graphic signage
Hanging Signs
• See-thru stand panels
Work area screens
Membrane switch panels.

Sold in 4' x 4' sheets complete with hanging tabs and hooks.